Step by Step

Faith can make a difference when it's faith in yourself.

By Kristina Tine (and Sage)July 26, 2010

After a discussion with the writer and her father, I am posting a short story written by my daughter, Sage, age 9. (Grammar and spelling all as she wrote, kept intact as she has presented).

Step by Step

Once there was a new born baby named Charolett, Charlie for short. Her parents loved her. No matter what would happen they would love her.

She was born with a disease. She couldn't walk. I would say the name, but it's unpronouncable. She would go to school with a wheelchair. Of course, she couldn't get around any other way. She didn't have many friends. Mostly because most of the kids made fun of her. Every day she would get picked on just because she was a little different. Charlie didn't like it one bit.

Her parents were with her for every step. Even though she couldn't take one. And that's why she was so sad in the first place.

No one realized that all she had to do was believe. In fact, no one could pronounce her disease because they didn't speak French. Her disease was was called Manque De Foi. It means lack of faith. Faith is the cure.

One day...she did it. She believed. She said, "Mommy! Daddy! I can walk!" Maybe her name should have been faith. Her parents always believed in her, but she didn't believe she could walk.

Step by step, her parents were with her. Step by step, she believed. Step by step, she found the cure.

-by Sage

Shot this one today, right before sunset, on our way to Frederick. Gambrill State Park, High Knob, in particular. Feels like a perfect photo to put into this story.

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